I got off the plane from Haiti and arrived in Miami. Henry used to live in the Miami area so we took a few hours over our layover to see some sites. We walked down South Beach and drank in every ounce of sun we could. We sat down for dinner at a sidewalk cafe. As we were eating, a large plasma TV screen scrolled the words “Breaking News.” A few miles north of our restaurant, Anna Nicole Smith died. I was fascinated by people’s response to this news story. I saw group after group stop by and watch the news in shock.

I had just spent the past 6 days in Haiti. Not a long time, but long enough to realize something is wrong with what we value as Americans. I spent time with 65 pastors and elders from Haiti who want to make a difference for Christ in their poor communities. I spent time with missionaries who spend months away from their families so they can build up other church leaders across the world. They are my heroes! Instead of focusing on people who are truly great, our culture has wall-to-wall coverage focusing on an exotic dancer who at age 26 married a 89 year old billionaire for his money. We value the wrong things. It is not about the money... the popularity... the fame. It is about God. I am convinced that some of the pastors I met this week will be some of the most blessed people in eternity. They are people who pray, people who trust God for everything, people who live on less money than I can even imagine. Yet, I think they are blessed in ways I will never fully understand.

This missions trip has made me culturally disturbed.