I had a random conversation with someone new to Valley Creek at a coffee shop. They said they loved our church but wanted to know if it was ok for them to come back each week if they didn't yet buy into the "Jesus as Savior" thing. I loved their honesty. I said I would love to have them come back. I said, "We want you to come and discover more about Christ at your own pace." What better place to go while you are trying to figure it all out than church!

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Steve on the phone about people taking time to choose to follow Christ. I loved his quote, "If you keep dancing by the side of the pool eventually you will fall in." I want people in our church to take time to discover what following Christ is about and eventually fall in. It takes time for people to work through all the misconceptions of "religion" and find that nothing satisfies like a life that loves following Jesus.

I'm going to give people time to dance by the pool.