Last Sunday I saw something refreshing.  Something life giving.  Something that everyone is looking for.  I noticed how now more than ever, people were mingling with each other.  After the service was over... It wasn't over.  People gathered in the lobby, shared stories, laughed and prayed together. Maybe you missed it, but I think this can change everything. People are not looking for the slickest Christian show in town.  People are longing to be known and live life together.  Don't get me wrong, I believe we need to present the message of Jesus in creative and engaging ways on Sunday mornings.  But I know nothing is as appealing as one on one relationships.

Our "Parent Panel" did an excellent job answering your questions on parenting.  Thanks Rebecca, Andy, Melinda, and Barb!  You provided practical Biblical wisdom for some really challenging situations.

I think the panel was part of the secret sauce that made relationships flourish yesterday.  People who sit next to you in the auditorium were able to share some of their journey.  We are all on this adventure of following Jesus together.  We need each other.

Many of us had an extra cup of Caribou Coffee in the lobby after the service.  I saw a few people tipping the cambro over to savor the last drop.  I think that what we were really quenching was a relational thirst.  Life is too short to live disconnected, let's drink it in.