I was reading an e-mail sent to Perry Noble. 30 years ago, a pastor's wife felt that she should invite a neighbor to her church's Easter service. This man was known as the town drunk and she was wondering if he would come to church and how church people would respond. Here is an excerpt:

We got to church and when we walked in . . . the miracle began! I was right, just about everyone did know Fred . . . and they were thrilled to see him! He was warmly greeted, given hugs, and I just stood there . . . amazed!

Fred came to church every Sunday after that, and just a few weeks later, he accepted Jesus Christ into his heart!!! The transformation began! Later, I came to learn that during the week leading up to that Easter Sunday, Fred had begun attending AA. I was just one link in a chain that God had begun putting together to rescue this man.

I wonder how God is going to use you and me this Easter!

You can read the whole article on Perry's Blog.