This week the leader of our prayer team wrote an awesome poem about our church:  By Judy Wolf (With apologies to Dr. Seuss!!) Down in his cave the Grinch was perplexed "That Valley Creek Church keeps on growing. What's next? "I don't like the way those Whos pray in each service; "And when Whos get saved, it makes me real nervous. "I don't like to see all the guests they are bringing; "But mostly I don't like the way they keep singing."

"I've just got to stop them. But how?" was his thought. And in his evil mind he came up with a plot. So on Saturday night came the Grinch with his truck, stealing their trailer, thinking, "They're out of luck.. "Without this, they'll surely be left in the lurch; "Without this, they certainly can't have their church."

Sunday morning came round, and with it the Whos That were sitting and drinking up their Caribous. Then came the call - "The trailer is gone! "Now what do we do? How will we go on? "Where is that trailer we're so used to bringing? "Can we still have church? Will there still be singing?"

"Yes, our trailer was stolen," the Who Pastors said; "But that doesn't mean we can stay home in bed. "Our church isn't made up of boxes and bins; "It's made up of people forgiven of sins. "It's made up of those to the Lord who are clinging; "Of those who, in spite of hard time, keep on singing. "It's made up of all who say 'Jesus is Lord'; "It's made up of all who depend on His Word.

"So we will have church, we will meet as before; "Welcoming those who will walk through the door. "We'll meet and we'll sing, and we'll worship and pray; "And thank God for His mercies; they're new every day."

"What's this?" yelped the Grinch. "Why, what are they bringing "From their homes and some stores? "And what's that? Is that singing?"

Yes, the Whos they still came; They weren't left in the lurch. And small Whos made cards saying, "WE ARE THE CHURCH".

And that poor old Grinch? Why his ears must be ringing; 'Cause at Valley Creek Church, All the Whos are STILL SINGING!!

Acts 2:42 - "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers."