I loved the unity in the room during our "Valley Creek Huddle" a few weeks ago.  We are trusting God to do more than we ever thought or imagined!  I noticed four things:

  1. Vision - We are looking forward to the future and have a new strategy. Our vision is the same. We want to be a place that leads people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We want everyone in our community to know they matter to God and they matter to us. Our leadership team is working to help us regroup, refocus, and reengineer our plans for the future. We will be sharing more details in the weeks to come.
  2. Unity - There is such an amazing unity within our church. You are excited about taking the next step. Together we can accomplish what we cannot do on our own!
  3. Honesty - I love every person at Valley Creek. We were able to have honest Q&A with our church family. I believe communication is so important for church health. I love it when people engage in the process and realize the important role they have in the church.
  4. Passion - You are passionate about seeing people in our community come to Christ! You believe every person should use their unique gifts and talents to impact the world. You believe God wants Valley Creek to be a place where people can experience transformation. You are encouraging us to take steps that we have never taken before!

This is the beginning of a great adventure!