I love hanging out at coffee shops.  But what is the deal with the Starbucks cup sizes?  I have gone along with the funny cup size names for years. But this morning I rebelled. What in the world is "Venti" anyways? (Googled it - Italian for 20oz) Why is a "Tall" actually short?  Why is a "Grande" (Italian for large) medium? In my great act of rebellion I ordered my coffee this morning by saying a "I'll have a large dark roast please". The barista corrects me... surely I must have been mistaken...  I am a regular I should have known better than that. "Venti?" She asks, looking at me with a puzzled look.   She waits for me to acknowledge the error of my ways.  I smile and nod and take my coffee.  I guess I just need more coffee to keep me from making a big deal out of nothing.