This morning I was looking for an easier way to stay on top of my Bible Reading Plan. I know I'm a pastor and I am suppose to read my Bible for hours and hours each day, but the truth is my life is filled with many projects, lists, and meetings just like you. One of the ways I keep myself "up" on things is to check a number of blogs (I use Bloglines) from Christian leaders across the country, leadership blogs, and blogs on creative use of technology. What I was missing was a blog to help me stay on track with my Bible reading. The is a great site. I love that it reminds me were I am at in my devotional reading and it has some commentary to go with each reading. For me this is easier than carrying around a One Year Bible. And it is free! I also found a link that has mp3 files of the One Year Bible readings and a short introduction to help have some background on the Bible. What a great way to use your iPod to help you learn your Bible! You can subscribe on iTunes or go to and read more about it. Hope this tip will help someone else make Bible reading / listening a habit in their life!