I decided I need some more creative juices flowing in my life. Here is a quote from a running website.

Just as important, running -- like many forms of exercise -- is a great cure for stress, emotional strain, even mild depression. You'll likely find yourself with fewer headaches and more energy, patience, humor and creativity. www.coolrunning.com

Most of my best ideas have come when I used to work out or hanging out in the sauna. I think it's time to get back in the game. Melinda is trying this running thing too. In fact, she is the one who brought this whole idea up. I'll let you know how it goes. I found a plan online that we're using, 'couch-to-5-K running plan'. It says it will take two months. Now I've got to find a 5-K to enter after June 28th. Ok I just looked online. This looks like a race for me on Saturday, August 12! The Lake Elmo Lions Huff-n-Puff 5K Run. Maybe Melinda will join me for this one!