Today was a great day of meetings. Henry and I are sharing the teaching responsibilities. I feel like we were able to connect to the Haitian pastors. I talked with one pastor named Jonah who planted a church 20 years ago here in Haiti. He has spent his life developing the church and it has really grown.
I love singing along with some of the worship songs that I know. We had communion and reminding me a bit of what it will be like when everyone joins together with Christ. It will be an awesome time.
I had an opportunity to hold 4-5 orphans. They were such beautiful children. Mike from Five Oaks Church is on the right. He has been here for three months. He is going for the unshaven look. We took some photos and let them see what they looked like on screen on the back of the camera.
Much more teaching to do over the next few days! I will update you later.