Technology is amazing. I feel like I could still be in Woodbury even though I am at Caffe Appassionato on top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle. With wifi and my isight camera I was able to touch base with Mike our youth pastor and get caught up on all the latest news and blogs. I came across this coffee shop that claims to have the best turkish coffee in Seattle. I'm enjoying it... thick, rich, full of flavor. Wouldn't the life of a coffee shop reviewer be great?

Melinda and I have found our favorite coffee shop in seattle, Caffe Ladro. The people have been great and we're amazed at the God connections we've had while here.

One other highlight was from Pete's Pizza: The Calzone King. I remember having a number of calzones here back in 1993. It is still the same unique place. It took a little bit to talk Melinda into going there, but I think she loved it as much as me.

It looks like I'll have a chance to connect with a couple of church planters at Harbor Christians Center in Gig Harbor. God is doing great things there! They are reaching out to over 900 people. They started in 1995. I interned with Gino, Rick and Steve back in 1993. I hope to share some photos later this week.

I'm thankful for a great staff at Valley Creek Church that lets me leave for a week and not have any worries. It is hard to stay away, so many great things are happening! More updates to come. What have been some of your best vacation moments?

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