I read this article from the washington post.  It mentions churches who support a political candidate during the Sunday service.  This Sunday I'll be talking about Jesus, not politics. Last week I received multiple phone calls to have voter guides placed in our church and provide onsite voter registration.  I politely said, "No Thanks," and then listened for the next five minutes about how sorry he was to hear that I was supporting the decline of America.

Don't get me wrong... I want you to vote, but our church is not going to tell you who to vote for.  I do not want to reduce people's view of a person to a "voter guide."  I believe people need to be more informed than that.  The issues this world faces are complex.  I listen to both conservative and liberal talk radio.  I think it is healthy to listen to both sides of every issue.  A great way to have an informed view on both Obama and McCain is to watch them talk with Pastor Rick Warren (Author of The Purpose Driven Life) during the two hour Saddleback Civil Forum.

Here is what I believe...  The decline in America is not caused by the lack of voter guides.  The decline is caused by people missing out on God.  The power of politics is pretty small compared to the power of a life changed by Jesus.  If I believed politics changed the world I would have become a politician.  I believe the world is changed by people who discover God's purpose for their lives instead of following a made up purpose.  I am committed to "CHANGE"...  but real change happens in the center of each person... a change that only happens when God gets involved.  That is the change you will hear me talking about this Sunday.  I'll vote for a changed life over a changed Washington anytime.